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We create a unique blend of traditional and modern practices to provide you with alternative solutions for a healthier, happier life.

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Since 1994, Kam Lee Center has provided relief and satisfaction to many patients and students. We believe that by combining contemporary knowledge with ancient wisdom, you can unlock your full potential for holistic wellness. Take that motto in mind, our personalized approach ensures you feel stronger and more balanced.

About Us

What Set Us Apart?

We stand out by focusing on you. We listen carefully to your needs, explain things clearly, and find natural solutions just for you. You can feel better and live healthier, in a way that's easiest to follow and fits your life

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About Our Founder

Kam Lee

Welcome to the Kam Lee Center for Acupuncture, where tradition meets innovation in the field of acupuncture medicine. Our center stands as a testament to the pioneering work of our founder, Kam Lee, whose remarkable journey started with treating patients locally in Jacksonville, Florida since 1994.

Over the past 30 years, Kam has distinguished himself from the conventional and embraced a style of acupuncture that transcended the ordinary. His approach, rooted in a rare form of traditional Chinese acupuncture, bore the hallmark of expertise acquired through direct training from experts in the field. This unique methodology paved the way for unprecedented success and garnered widespread recognition for its efficacy.

A Tradition of Excellence

While Kam Lee has since retired from active acupuncture practice since 2022, his indelible mark continues to shape our center's ethos. The methods and insights he imparted are not just preserved; but they are perpetuated with unwavering commitment. Today, our team of acupuncturists are still delivering results that uphold the highest standards of excellence. Our acupuncturists continue to practice under the active guidance of these methods.

Beyond Acupuncture: Tai Chi

In addition to his pioneering work in acupuncture, Kam is also known for his mastery of Chen style Tai Chi. For those seeking a holistic approach to wellness, He can be found practicing Tai Chi next door at the Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy, embodying the principles of balance and harmony that define our center's philosophy.

Join us at the Kam Lee Center for Acupuncture and experience the unique approach to healing to transform your life.